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Current Church Bulletin: May 24th 2015


Congratulations to our Students who received their First Holy Communion on Sunday, May 17th.

They have worked hard for this accomplishment. Thank you to our wonderful teachers; Nina Lucero, Mirna Farr, Hannah Curtice, and Gabriella Lucero, who have prepared them this year.


Anthony Arellano, Carinah Esparza, Clara Esparza, Avie Hernandez, Tai Jansen, Valerie Medina, Daniela Medellin, Lucas Suarez, Peyton Taylor, Julian Valenzuela, Anthony Alvord, Benjamin Boggess, Giselle Castro, Elsie Deveraux, Anastasia Estrada, Jonah Jensen, Mercedes Montoya, Arielle Rueda, Sophia Ruybal.





Congratulations to our 2015 Confirmation Class. Archbishop Wester celebrated with us on May 19th

Thank you to Christy Curtis, Jodie Lopez, and Jim
Burchett who have spent two years with this group of people helping to prepare them for this special day. And though she would never include herself, thank you to Christine McIntrye our Director of Religious Education. Christine has been with us a year and does a great job!

Our newly Confirmed: Dorrothy Anthoniraj, Amelia Arellano, Vivian Aguilar, Alexander Boggess, Jose Montoya, Benjamin Moralez, Donovan Rael, Isabella Smith, Audrey Young, Bianca Castro, Jesse Carpenter, Savanna Montoya, Ciarra Bray, Nicholas Payne Burdette, Caroline Esparza, Krystal Grande, Hannah Gressmen, Desbie Gurule, Shelby Keating, Darren Manzanares, Devan Carrillo, Devin Harmon, Josheanna Lopez
Katheryn Lopez, Brieann Montoya, Joey Ramirez, Ariana Rhodes, Eliseo Romero, Kyle Van Leeuwen, Thomas Videtich, Dominique Estrada, Darin Gregg





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