Happy 50th Anniversary, St. Joseph the Worker!

Upcoming Events:

Bonnets & Brunch- Serving Not Quite High Tea!- April 12 at 10 am. Special Guest Nia Sherer!

50th Anniversary Mass- May 2 at 7 pm followed by burial of Time Capsule!


Holy Week begins Palm Sunday, April 13th.

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Holy Week 2014

Lent is here!

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Established 1964- Read about our interesting history!

12 part series about our parish history written by Anne Kurek in celebration of our 50th anniversary!

History1-Early Beginnings

History2-1st Mass & Dedication

History3-Social Hall is built

History4-Rectory & Convent Construction

History5-Sisters of theParish

History6-Priests of St. Joseph the Worker

History7-Early Organizations


History9-Father Carley Sports Field

History10-Good Bye Old Friend

History11-Jumping In

History12-We Did It!